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Visual Storytelling

I am a huge believer in the power of stories and tout visual communication as one of my superpowers. This can look like a whiteboard sketch, a video reel, a dynamic presentation - but they all have a very intentional point of view. I use stories to help people understand, empathize & align.


I have found this to be an effective technique to put ideas into context when presenting to users and stakeholders. When building a concept test for a mobile invoicing tool, I used storyboards to explain how this tool would be used on site in conjunction with other digital tools.



As a lifelong artist and advocate for visual learning, I have adapted my drawing skillset to be a means of communication. This becomes very valuable during rapid concept generation and brainstorming in groups. 

System Mapping-01.jpg

System mapping

I've found that cross functional teams often benefit from having shared assets to reference. For a SaaS product, I documented all the stages that users interacted with the system. It was used for alignment, roadmap planning, and training new employees. 

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