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Coaching & Facilitation

There's no better way to learn than to step in the role of coach, where you have to translate your process to a lesson plan. I enjoy de-mystifying and democratizing the design process. I have had the pleasure of collaborating with students, teachers, engineers, executives, scientists, & volunteers to exercise creativity as a muscle they can flex in their everyday life.

Innovation Workshops

I admit, I love working with non-designers, especially when these people don't identify as creative. I designed a series of workshops for robotics engineers at NASA who were struggling to generate novel ideas for grant proposals. 

Design Thinking

I believe the design process is applicable to any job, as long as you're looking to solve a problem. At a business school in Singapore, I mentored MBA students and executives working through a Design Thinking course to apply to their current ventures.

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I'm often asked to share knowledge through mentoring interns, colleagues, and local college students. I created "the 101 series" based on information I find helpful in order express some basic principles I believe can go a long way. 

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