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Change Management

I have discovered that designers make great team leaders because we know how to communicate clearly. I apply design principals to internal team dynamics to help re-think the way we operate. This has helped me increase UX maturity on new teams and steer organizations to a more user-centric strategy.

Alignment Workshop.jpg

Alignment Workshops

It's important to keep cross functional teams aligned and organized. I have contributed to this by organizing quarterly alignment workshops that clear up questions, surface issues, and increase empathy and awareness within the product development team.

UX Strategy

I've been on teams that don't have user-centric process baked into product development. I've experimented with different ways to to incorporate user needs at the business objective level they are used to. Implementing UX strategy brings designers to the table when making important product design decisions. 

SubTeam Meeting.jpg

Cross-functional Teamwork

I am an advocate for designers to work collaboratively with other functions to create holistic solutions. In a design sprint at a private school, I advised students, faculty, and the college president to co-create initiatives for improving institutional DEI.

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