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Here are a few examples of project work I have contributed to recently. Each had it's unique needs for research, strategy, design & internal collaboration in order to achieve a user-centric goal. 

New users of an inventory management software endure a long onboarding process in order to use their new tools. A cross functional team investigates the costly bottleneck and informs a solution ecosystem to streamline this process . 

Mixed Method Research . Co-creation . Service Design . 

Lo -fi prototyping . Change Management 


Body shops are excited to sign on to a material invoicing software that helps them recoup more profit for their business - so why does the tool go unused? Research uncovers a path to build the right tool, for the right person, in the right context.

Generative Research . Co- creation . Lo- fi prototyping . 

Change Management 

Repair Technicians haven't needed to change many tools in their craft - until their job starts adopting digital tools for inventory. UX Research seeks to understand their mental models to encourage them to embrace a new tool.

Ethnographic Research .  Lo-fi prototyping . Evaluative Research . Design Strategy


Centering the volunteer's needs.

When a charity thrift store in Chile needed to grow, they had to find ways to care for their current volunteers while reaching out to new ones.

Ethnographic Research .  Lo-Fi Prototyping  .  Co-Creation

Change Management

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