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Service Design

I love the design of services because it's dynamic. It often exists in both physical and digital spaces and accounts for the movement of many people. It has limitless potential to change the way we operate in our society by reimagining how we interact with other people, tools, and processes. 


Process Mapping

I am a visual learner, so creating maps is both a way for me to build understanding and a way to communicate to my team. When studying an inventory management service, I mapped the tasks and relationships between users to discover a costly bottleneck in their service. 


It's important to me that users are involved in creating their own solutions. I often facilitate workshops where different users and stakeholders work together to find solutions. Recently, I brought users in to document their own point of view within our product team's "wall of user problems".



I like to work with my hands and test ideas in context when possible. When re-imagining a thrift store's sorting protocol, I created mockups to explore different solutions within the spatial constraints. This was a quick way to work through ideas before moving to full scale.

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