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Streamlining the setup process.

New users of an inventory management software endure a long onboarding process in order to use their new tools. A cross functional team investigates the costly bottleneck and informs a solution ecosystem to streamline this process . 

Mixed Method Research . Co-creation .  Service Design . Lo-fi prototyping . Change Management 

Project Impact

Reduced Resource Burden

A significant reduction in time on task helps Salespeople move quickly from signing a contract to getting customers fully online with their new inventory service.

Foundational System Improvements

Software infrastructure allowed processes to scale with reduced risk. Setting standards for data integrity, structuring support pathways, and streamlining internal protocols were a smart investment in the foundational strength of the product.

Long Term Strategic Direction 

Insights contributed to multiple release cycles, starting with the highest impact and foundational changes. This set the stage for strategic improvement over time. 

User Context 


Auto repair facilities have trusted 3M to automate their inventory process to an IoT service solution. This requires setting up hardware and reconciliation of physical and digital inventory before the end users can utilize the software service. 

The current setup process is unique because the primary users are the internal 3M Sales team. 

3M Sale Users.JPG
Using Scanner.jpeg

Problem Framing


3M Salespeople are a limited, albeit invaluable, resource. They have extensive knowledge, but an even longer to-do list. The process of getting users online is resource intensive, causing a huge scalability concern for a new, growing product. 

My cross functional core team was assembled to identify the most impactful path forward to increase scaling capacity and improve user experience. 


1. Decrease Sales' time in shop during new account setup by 50% (3 days total) 

2. Increase Sales' capacity to scale new account setups (< 100 accounts to 1000 accounts )


  1. Contextual Inquiry

  2. Time Study Baseline

  3. Design Strategy

  4. Co-Creation Workshops

  5. Lo-Fi Protoyping

  6. Usability Testing

Contextual Inquiry

Our cross functional team first went to observe and participate in a new account setup. We documented the process in context while hearing (& seeing!) pain points  directly from users. 

A significant pain point was the process of identifying a physical product on site with it's digital twin. 


Mixed Method Time Study

We sought out a baseline measure of the current time on task through a survey and time study. This allowed us to get visibility of the magnitude of the issue in the short term and to measure our impact in the long term.

At the current rate of setup time, we discovered we didn't have enough Sales resources to meet the business goal.

Service Blueprinting 

Alongside other key participants of the process, we mapped out the current process to understand all the front and backstage tangles that occur between roles. 

Later, we would use an updated blueprint to train and communicate how the new process would happen.

Service Map Short-01.jpg


In order to make the most impact, our cross functional team agreed on significant hotspots in the onboarding  process to address first.

Interestingly, all of these hotspots had the same goal: to get existing data into the system. Our intent became to streamline our data input processes to improve the experience. 

New Tools + Capabilities  

Product Data Integrity Process

A standardized product database is essential for scalable inventory management. We created standards for product entry through a new internal tool and role designations.

Shop Setup App

During installation, Sales users will use this mobile app to identify all the on-site physical products to create their digital twin, simultaneously syncing to their web account. 

Automated Contracts

New customers can now calculate their contract agreements in real time with their 3M Sales rep without the hassle of wait times on travel and corporate approval.

Shop Setup App

This new mobile tool became my primary focus on our team after our solutions were approved. I workshopped  this concept with users and created prototypes for both concept and usability testing before development.

This new tool allows Sales users to scan product UPC's to locate them in our database. This tool ultimately creates a digital inventory list so the end user's products can be automatically ordered upon usage. 


Pilot Testing

After development, we launched this tool to be used with key Sales users. Their feedback helped us assess the tool and create training material for new users to the process. 

As our solution ecosystem launched, software accounts rapidly surpassed the 1000 account goal. 

“People really love Shop Setup App. It is the biggest win we have had in a long time. We went from 6 days to 6 hours to setup a shop. It’s the backbone of what we’re doing now. We’re doing 70 installs this month and there’s no way we would be doing that without this app. It’s brought people a lot of comfort in doing installs.”

- 3M Sales Territory Leader

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