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Lo-fi Prototyping

Building prototypes is often the very best way to learn quickly and cheaply. I build my own digital and physical stimuli to elicit a response from users & I have coached many different development teams on methods to do the same. 


User Testing Workshops

When working on new product teams, I encourage getting early user feedback on lo-fi prototypes. This has created great efficiencies by getting questions answered early in the development process.

Digital Prototypes

Usability testing is an important step in digital product design. I've honed techniques to get early feedback from users on-site and virtually. When working with body shop technicians to learn how they'd adopt an inventory app, we made many improvements before moving to development.


Model Making

I love working with my hands. Sometimes the act of making something is the best teacher for a fresh concept. When brainstorming on how we could improve the process of sorting clothes at a donation center, making spatial mockups was greatly important to our progress.

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