Getting involved can be fun. By engaging California beach-goers, we can re-wild and protect our beaches from rising sea levels.

14 week project including:

On Site Research

Material Development


Environmental Advocacy

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The beach needs our help.

Sea levels are rising at an alarming rate in California ( & beyond ). While we have built a huge infrastructure around this culture, we have so much to lose when the beaches wash away. 

They are meant to be wild.

Our desire for the perfect beach sand has devastated the natural beach ecosystems that protect the area. Beach manicuring has created a false narrative of what a wild California beach should be.

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My research at the Los Cerritos Wetlands highlighted a disconnect from the community.

The community is locked out

of being part of the solution.

Unfortunately, conservation efforts often keep the public from taking part. We lack a real connection to native ecosystems.


Flat beaches of the California coastline.


How can we get our communities involved in beach preservation?


Hiring nature as our contractor.

This sandy architecture is a tested and true way to get people to play at the beach, as well as being a great 'brick' for modular construction. These will protect native plants and animals and collect washed in sediment.

Structure meets involvement.


[The final idea]

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Let's build 

sandcastles together!

Change starts with a connection to our surroundings. By involving the community, we take an immersive educational approach to beach re-wilding. 


The league is a cyclical project that

grows together  with natural biological and social environments. Beachgoers build sandcastle structures to reinforce ecosystems that protect the beach.

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 Community campaign.

Inspired by surf culture, a campaign is launched that speaks directly to the people who spend most of their time at the beach.


2  The buildout.

People build their castles the same way they always have. The special part is that they can mold their names right into them, meaning they can leave a physical mark to return to again and again.

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Safe and sound!

The interior of these castles make perfect micro environments for native plants and sea creatures, as well as sand traps to stabilize the land below.  

Built to last!

By utilizing specialized bacterial processes, we can make these castles much harder so they can stand the test of time.

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Check it out!

People love to revisit their mark. By creating a sense of ownership, people have a real stake in the project.

 Seasons of change.

Things in nature grow and change with the seasons. These structures were never intended to be permanent, but a foundation to build a wilder, and stronger connection to the magic of the beach.

Together, we grow stronger.

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