Failed it!

'The Beauty of the Fall' was a completely student run operation asking 12 fascinating people to share what failure has meant in their lifes.

Special thanks to Sherry Hoffman and Gerardo Herrera for your support!

Look at this bunch of failures!


This inspirational crew braved the tough topic of failure in front of a bunch of strangers. The result was an incredible event that left a truly lasting impression.

The student gallery on display at the TEDx event.

Labor of love.

I felt there was an opportunity to involve our young community.  I assembled the Young Artist's Competition to ask High School kids to define what failure means to them. The winning 12 responses were wise beyond their years. 

Student winner, Lucy, displayed  her stunning piece on the big day.

20 students.

2 advisors.

12 speakers.

Countless advocates.

Check out another experience:


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