Vermicomposting doesn't have to be dirty. A lifestyle of producing less waste turns trash into treasure.

14 week project including:

On Site Research

Product Development

Brand Collaboration

Material Analysis 

( 2017 )

We're over our heads.

Our problem with trash is growing every day. Why not reduce our impact right in our homes?

Composting your green waste can make a big difference.

The pro knows. 

Carol has been an active composter for  years. She runs a compost operation for an entire eco conscious living complex in Los Angeles. She uses red wiggler worms to run this process 2x faster.

She explains that vermicomposting

isn't hard, it's just not sexy. 

How can we bring this process inside?

It needs to be:






Making it work.

Keeping it modular, supporting ventilation, and understanding the neccessary volume were tested in my early prototypes.

By making composting more accessible in urban homes, we can get more value from the food we consume and create better habits.

Easy as 1,2,3. 

Green and brown scraps go in.

Worms travel up to fresh food.

New units added to make room.

What's left is the most nutrient rich fertilizer you could get your hands on - for free.

Stack for your space.

Inside or out.

Trash to treasure.



Drip Tray/Base

Circular material reharvesting.

Sprout is designed to be disassembled and recycled. That means when you are done, just send it back. We will put this material right back into our product line. 

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