Design thinking goes to space.

My internship at JPL provides a place for one designer to encourage a department of mechanical engineers to step outside the box.

Thank you Brett Kennedy, Paulo Younse, & Robotics and Manipulators Group, 347B.​

How can we use design thinking to advance our grant proposals?

I ran a series of brainstorming sessions to help the department prioritize and advance ideas for future missions. 

The result was a bridge of understanding between us and a

new group of design advocates!

Future Worlds Exercise.

Our scope is complex and the work we do may have to operate in various terrains. I designed this exercise to break them down into different 'worlds' to focus our scope and broaden our thinking.

System Architecture

I had the opportunity to observe and test a new system architecture on lab. My process led me to streamline a visual map that can be used to explain and organize the process for designing innovative robotic systems. 

Leaving the nest.

It was a great feeling to see the brainstorm process start to click with the eager engineers. 

By the end of 10 weeks, I was no longer on my own. A focus group is now in the works to move forward into the next phase of an exciting project. Desigineers!

New friends, new allies.

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