What's the future of diversity, equity, & inclusion?

A diverse group of students, faculty and staff at ArtCenter work together to shine a light on the importance of DEI for learning institutions & beyond. My role was the Junior Facilitation Expert that supported the small groups.

How might we create a culture of learning that is inclusive to all students?

This 3 day intensive 'design storm' 

exposed some sensitive topics that effect the entire school ecosystem. The collabor-ation between different participants from across the system paid off and gained traction with the sponsoring school board. 

Getting warmed up.

The hardest part is getting started and being vulnerable, especially in the company of new faces. Sadara Devonne, our Title 9 representative, and I created these 'Conversation Cards' to break the ice. They came in really handy for introductions too. Understanding others' point of view, and feeling heard are great ways to encourage equity and inclusion in practice.


the process.​

My major role was realized when we hit a roadblock. The teams were having a hard time translating their shared experiences into something that was actionable. I worked together with one participant to diagram how we can take a journey map (in black), identify stakeholders (in blue), identify problems (in orange), and finally translate that vertically into design mechanisms (in red). This strategy helped move us forward and restored my faith in a good design formula!

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