Popping up for people.

This non-profit needs to reach a younger audience. By creating a popup shopping experience at Lollapalooza, ​we make some new friends!

HUGE thanks to my partners on this project, Mat SImon, Andres Zavala, and Brett Su.

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Shoppers at LOLLAPALOOZA CL'18 flood in to the popup to see what we are all about.


Spreading the love.

This project is an extension of a system created to support COANIQUEM Foundation's 8 new charity thrift stores. When we discovered that they could reach a younger audience to revive their image, they asked us to show them how - we created a popup experience.


A modular structure grows with our CQ family.

It was important to everyone that this structure would be flexible enough to be used in multiple outlets. We were sensitive to materiality and messaging so that it fit their ethos and constraints.

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A sustainable structure.

Transformable modules are made with just 2 simple materials that are easily accessible in Chile. These can change shape according to need and break down simply for transport. They can be configured as shelves, frames, and structures of any reasonable size.

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Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 7.59.50 PM_edi

Pine 2x2's and steel tubing are cost effective and familiar to our contractor.

Purposeful placement.

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Our challenge is to connect the dots of the new stores, the mission, sustainable future, and recruit new volunteers. We needed a strategy.

Fashion -​  A showcase for our retail shopping introduces the style of charity thrift.​

Passion -  A reminder of the ultimate mission of CQ shows what your time and money benefits.

Action We introduce activities that involve people in sustainable practice.



We aren't just speaking to customers, we are embracing culture. Our tone of voice needs to be as inviting and family oriented as their foundation is. 

This is their opportunity to introduce their new venture with the same mission, and ask for community support.


Photographic messaging.


Drawings from burn survivors treated by COANIQUEM.

An idea to take home with you.

Rather than preach sustainability, we decided to show it. By 'upcycling' the Lolla flyers into buttons, we were able to make little impacts with a lot of festival flair!


More than just a project.

Our biggest learning outcome was in the privilege to realize our design alongside our contractors and foundation support. True understanding can only be achieved through doing the hard work yourself.


A new life in the stores.

The structures take on new lives in stores as they open across Chile.