A system solution allows California to mitigate food waste in their supply chain by preserving food's value.

14 week project including:

Supply Chain Analysis

Food Product Development

Sustainable Innovation

Branding System


Preserving produce creates value for both farms & tables.


Excessive waste effects the food supply chain at every level


Create new ways to save produce from spoiling and support farm economy


A secondary market preserves the value of vulnerable produce

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We waste tons of good food in the United States.

(ReFed Report, 2016)

Dehydration keeps our good food from going bad.

Dehydration is an ancient technology that's due for a comeback. By removing most of the water content, the food gains a much longer shelf life and gains several huge benefits:

+ zero preservatives needed

+ up to 98% weight reduction

+ enhanced flavor profile

+ easily reconstituted with water

There is huge responsibility, as well as opportunity, in reconfiguring the food supply chain in order to make the most of what we produce. At every level, we can impact the amount of food that is wasted. We first capture the value of fresh produce by incentivizing growers & sellers, where we can then preserve those healthy ingredients, giving us time to formulate the right products to be adopted by multiple industries. 

Can our food supply chain turn trash into treasure?

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Creating new opportunities for preserved food to shine.


Everyday Summer connects the dots in the food supply chain so that we may provide a new (extended) life for our valuable produce. We dehydrate the seasonal goodness that we source from California farms to meet the needs of multiple stakeholders. 

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Ingredients in large quantities aid in food prep and manufacturing.

Healthy alternatives for quick meals provide a better choice.

Tools for cooking & entertaining are blended to please your palatte.

Control over your diet is made easy with single serve starters.

Bulk Ingredients

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Tomato pumpkin soup base provides a new flavor profile for cooking in bulk. 

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Food service applications: University, Military, Healthcare, Restaurant


Seasonal bulk ingredients aid in efficient food preparation on a large scale.

+ Saves significant space / weight

+ Long shelf life (2+ years)

+ Unique blends / ingredients

Artisan Convenience Food

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Curry veggie noodles and blueberry beet leather makes eating well a breeze. 

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Low maintenance applications: Vending Machines, Festivals, Snack Bars  


Wholesome artisan convenience food with a short preparation time.

+ Artisan flavor profiles

+ Short prep time

+ Provide meal-level sustenance

+ Low in sugar / salt / preservatives

+ Sustainable Packaging  

Artisan Cooking Tools


Versatile 'zesty greens' starters add a fresh kick to your picnic outing.

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Consumer applications: Farmers Markets, Specialty Retailers, Bulk

Specialty plant-based blends for experimentation & entertaining.

+ Low in sugar / salt / preservatives

+ Plant-based

+ Easy, quick preparation time

+ Varietal, unique formulations

Custom Ingredient Blends

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Blends high in fiber, iron, & antioxidants make it easy to prep meals for your diet.

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Consumer applications: Direct to Consumer, Specialty Retailers, Bulk


Customizable blends create healthy plant based starters based on your diet.

+ Consumer control 

+ Limited waste of materials

+ Long shelf life (2+ years)

+ Low in sugar / salt / preservatives

+ Saves significant space / weight