Carhartt's legacy of durability manifests through purposeful sustainability. The 

skinwear line suggests that self care is an important part of hard work.

14 week project including:

Brand Extension

Packaging System

Product Development

Art Direction 


*Not in affiliation with Carhartt Ind.





Our global beauty industry produces massive amounts of non-recyclable packaging waste – 120 billion units anually! (Zero Waste Week, 2018)

Designing value into the packaging itself extends the life of products and allows them to re-enter the material stream; closing the production loop.

A brand extension of multi-use self care products leverages Carhartt’s legacy of durabilty through material experience in packaging and ingredients.


Carhartt's heritage of durable products can help them make a statement in the beauty industry, where disposable packaging waste has become a global issue. By offering packaging you'll cherish, we make longevity our sustainability strategy.

_Product Environment 

Carhartt's 'Work in Progress' line has received luxury status among some of the most coveted brands across the world.

The aesthetic stays authentic to US heritage, with 

heavy military and industrial influences. Products are displayed in a clean, organized fashion whether you're shopping in Paris, Beijing, or New York.

_A functional lineup

Multifunctional skincare products are practical & utilitarian. They accommodate the unisex Carhartt market, as well the beauty and wellness industry. This lineup was the original intention that began my ideation journey.

_Logo Extension

The 'skinwear' extension is a new term created to be owned by Carhartt. It's industrial aesthetic nods to its heritage and is flexible to be adapted for product descriptions.

A group of 5 products contained in recyclable food-grade aluminum packaging creates possibilities for reuse and recycling, making a bold statement about longevity. ​These items are meant to stand the test of time, becoming heirlooms.

Just as Carhartt has evolved from workwear to streetwear - again we bridge the gap between extremes; 

from gritty to pretty.

Photography by Alexander Heying

© Miranda Lapour, 2020. All rights reserved. 

Day one ideation madness

This is my favorite part - sitting at my desk with a dark roast coffee and a fresh sharpie, making mind maps and organizing my ideas and sketching through the morning.