Can Amazon use it's power to shift the intertia of consumer culture toward a more ethical, sustainable future? Social enterprise creates value all around.


In partnership with Homeboy Electronics.

Concept is not affiliated with Amazon Indust.

14 week project including:

On Site Research

Business Model Reframe

Lifecycle Analysis

UI/UX Design


A shared value ecosystem.

The circular influence of social enterprise creates a network big enough to shift consumer inertia toward greener practice.



We have too many bad options.

Consumer culture has spun out of control with the accessibility of online retail. With Amazon's incredible reach, can it be the solution rather than the problem?


Homeboy is the expert on retaining lost value in their electronics recycling and refurbishing operation in DTLA. Their expertise inspired me to apply a sustainable skillset to big enterprise and shift inertia of consumer waste.


Tear down, find value.


A desire to be green.

Jeff Bezos has made lofty sustainability statements by becoming one of the biggest purchasers of renewable energy in the US.

His 'customer obsessed' approach has put prime into over 65 million homes, so how can Amazon truly clean up their act?

amazon solar.jpg
amazon windfarm.jpg

Designing an ecosystem.


Can Amazon evolve into social enterprise?

buybetter butt.png

Research into companies like WalMart & Whole Foods (now acquired by Amazon) showed that sustainable practice can feed the bottom line. A thorough analysis of quantitative and qualitative benchmarks helped me see the system from a bird'seye view. Can a shared value business model be economically viable as well as ethically innovative?

The goals.


Embolden Communities

Keep production and commerce 

local and prioritize human values.


Get Cyclical

Create a cyclical system, distributing 

value and responsibility equitably. 


Keep it clean

Support green technology and create pathways for sustainable innovation.

The current linear model.

My LCA research showed me the impact of a linear system that often ends in the landfill. The highest impacts are in material extraction and transport. 


A new circular system.


Step 1 / Gateway

Access to enter the platform is an

intent to uphold sustainable practice. 

A consultant team facilitates the admission process with help from

3rd party certifications.

Step 2 / Ecosystem

The admittance to the thrive ecosystem connects all the right people with the right tools and intentions, and elevates them with investment from Amazon. Oversight of practice offers complete transparency in practice, stoking greener initiatives in the US. The choice of the consumer to recycle their ethical purchase restarts a system that revives the value of it's materials. 

thrive-full cycle.png

Recognizing specific roles.



Prioritizing knowledge in design practice encourages a design evolution. Planned disassembly and sustainable material choice are at the front of the industry.



Strict certifications on production practices are overseen, empoweringthe best practice in green tech. 



Local networks invigorate local economy

while optimizing transport practices. 


Customers are emboldened and rewarded by offering them the chance to make an impact with their purchase.



A takeback program brings experts into the warehouse to assess value of returns.



Recyclable materials are processed and put right back into the manufacturing stream, where value is retained. 


The user's experience rules.

To get consumer buy in, we ought to understand what their motivations are to make more "ethical" decisions. Through qualitative research, I aimed to get to the heart of consumer habits so they are authentically reflected, as user-centricity is core to Amazon's ethos. 


A familiar framework.

Consumers want to do better, but in the midst of confusion, 

convenience usually wins. Amazon knows this well, making prime a huge success. The "Buy Better" plugin combines the assurance of ethical standards with the accessibility of e-commerce. ​

Artboard 2.png

The thrive platform is available to the prime network. It offers place to shop where every single product is vetted by experts to prove it's ethical production. Transparency is trust.

Artboard 3.png

Each category comes with it's own set of regulations. Fewer bad options save time looking, but still offer all the conveniences of online shopping. 

Artboard 8.png

Good practice is rewarded through the legacy tracker in every account. This is not just a reward program, but an education on how every purchase made and the value of your impact.

Artboard 9.png

Everything can be returned at any point, and it's encouraged. This keeps the materials in-house and creates opportunities to safely dispose of things rather than feed the landfill.